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Update by user Dec 27, 2016

Moss & Company Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 12/16/2016

The customer was served an eviction notice for reasons that will not be disclosed. We pride ourselves on customer service and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns from our residents.

We have a move out department at our corporate office in Sherman Oaks to ensure timely and accurate security deposit refunds. I have attached the deposit accounting details and vendor invoices that were sent to the customer. If she has further questions, she is welcome to call our regional portfolio manager for her property at 818.305.3658. We wish her the best in the future.

Initial Response Summary

The customer was served an eviction notice for reasons that will not be disclosed.

My Rebuttal Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 12/19/2016 Reasons that will not disclosed because Moss & Company DOES NOT have any legitimate REASONS to FORCE ME OUT of my apartment, MY HOME for the past 15 years.

They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO COMMUNICATIONS with their residents other than collecting rent and raising the rent. I still have NOT RECEIVED ANY REFUND of my security deposit. It took Moss over 2 months to contact me on the subject. "To ensure timely and accurate security deposit refunds" Blatant and obnoxious LIE since Moss never plan to refund any part of my security deposit.

I was told by Moss that the month of August only has 30 days not 31, so when calculating the rent from 08/01 to 08/15 Moss divides $1850 by 30 Not 31 and then multiply by 15 days. I also was told by Moss that the fact I lived in my apartment for 15 YEARS (during those years Moss never changed the carpet or repainted the walls) DOES NOT MATTER, wear and tear does not apply, Moss was justified to charge me for new paint, cleaning and shower doors that were never provided in the first place 15 years ago when I moved in! Moss & Company has no regards for the law, their tenants and communities or the properties they manage or own. CORPORATE SLUMLORDS Company's Final Response Company's Final Response - Posted 12/20/2016 The condition of the apartment at move out was poor.

The property incurred great expense to return the apartment home in question back to move in condition. If the apartment is left dirty, we need to professionally clean the unit. It was not only left dirty, large pieces of furniture were left behind showing the resident made no effort to clean or even remove all personal belongings. The paint charge applied was actual damages to the walls that required repair.

The repairs were charged, not the normal painting of the unit do to normal wear and tear. This is not an effort to collect a security deposit. This is instead an effort to smear the reputation of the manager and our organization. Our residents understand that we have a designated move out department at our corporate office to assist with any questions regarding deposit accounting.

Again, we suggest the complainant contact Sarra the Regional Manager to discuss the charges. We are happy to provide pictures as proof and explain the charges in more detail.

Sarra's contact number is 818.305.3658. We wish the resident the best in the future and we look forward to hearing from her

Update by user Nov 02, 2016

Still no refund or response from Moss & Company. Submitted complaints online with the department of consumer & business affairs and the BBB.

Also did the math and i should expect $ 539.83 to be refunded to me months ago....

Security deposit $ 1560.00


Trash out 125.00

Rent 08/01 to 08/15 1850/31x15= 895.16 Total deductions $ 1,020.16 Amount to be refunded $ 539.83

Update by user Oct 26, 2016

The premises apartment 404 located at 1807 N Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood were vacated on August 15 2016. Pursuant to Cal.

Civ. Code 1950.5, Moss & Company was required by September 6 2016 to refund my security deposit and/or provide an itemized statement listing any amounts Moss & Company has withheld.

As of today, I have not received or picked up my security deposit.

I have finally seen the statement listing all the amounts withheld and do not agree with 4 of the charges.

I also would like to remind you that in 2001 when we moved in, the building was not managed by Moss & Company. Nicole Panucci the incompetent & unavailable building manager did not do an initial walk through upon us moving in.

The facts that the apartment was not cleaned and the shower doors not replaced by new ones were never acknowledged and provided to us after moving in despite both being promised to us.

​​Regardless it's been now months and I am still waiting for my refund.

Moss & Company is truly the worst property management, lies & fraud are their business practices that they thrives to provide! Shame!

Getting any response from Moss is extremely difficult to say the least. Looking at all the deductions Moss made, I do not agree with a few: - Cleaning/Janitorial charge for $165. The unit upon moving in was not clean like promised and after 15 years of living in the unit with no maintenance performed, you do not get to charge me $165 for the cleaning. - Paint charge for $150.

In 15 years you refused to change the carpets and repaint the walls. Again this charge is fraudulent as the unit never got repainted in 15 years. - Missing shower doors charge for $152.59. The shower doors were old and nasty and supposed to be changed to new ones upon us moving in but again they were not.

When I attempted to clean them, they fell apart. They were absolutely disgusting so were taken down. Due to the manager incompetence and carelessness we never were provided with new ones. I do not agree to be charge for them.

- Late fee charge for $25. We never paid our rent late, NEVER. Those 4 charges amount to $492.59 + $13.88= $506.47 that should be refunded to us as soon as possible as it has been well over 21 days since Moss forced us to move out for no reasons other than the incompetence & unprofessionalism of their resident manager. According to Moss & Company, the refund of my security deposit of the amount of $1560 is $13.88!

This is insulting.

I have not heard back from them for now over a week. their lack of communication and customer service along with fraudulent charges is unacceptable and reflects poorly on their business practices that are shady at best. #itspersonal #nicolepanucci #TheMossAndCoWay

Update by user Sep 05, 2016

So Nicole Panucci evicted me after 15 years to be able to move her friends in my apartment, next to hers. This is absolutely disgusting.

She basically destroyed my life by evicting me of my home of 15 years to have her friends moving in my place.

Moss & company allowed and supported her in her decision when they should have step in and put a stop to her selfish uncalled for decision. Instead she should have got fired.

Update by user Sep 03, 2016

Moss & Company refused categorically to communicate with us and claimed to be harassed by us just trying to reach out and solve the issue. Nicole Panucci also refused any communication with us and never reconsidered her decision to evict us.

So we moved out.

It was extremely difficult to find a new place that will have met all of our expectations, and we did not. The new place is horrible too close to 101 freeway noise and dust are constant... of course we are paying way more in rent for a place I despise everything about.

The first night at the new place I broke down sobbing and everyday it is a battle to not let the tears overwhelm me.

In few words I am miserable, feel trap in a tiny box, claustrophobic and being exposed to lead poisoning with recurring daily headaches due to the freeway proximity. I miss my home, my neighborhood every day to the point of tearing up every day… I can’t really explain it but I feel I still belong in my old apartment, I still call it home because that is where my heart is and has been for 15 years.

Today I learned that Nicole Panucci made arrangement to move friends of hers into my apartment. I am so depressed and disgusted that she was able to evict us for no reasons after 15 years and refuse to accept it let alone get over it.

I don't understand how I ended up there and why. I never did anything to deserve being treated this way. I was happy for the past 15 years, responsible and comfortable. All of the sudden it all changed because of one person N.

Panucci deciding I had to go for no reasons. What she did without even thinking should be criminal!

Update by user Jul 23, 2016

The termination of tenancy still standing with August 17th as our deadline to move out, our rent check for July 2016 was rejected (see photo) by our incompetent & vindictive manager Nicole Panucci acting in full authority as a Moss & Company agent.

The reason for the rejection: the check was for the wrong amount of $1,853.61 (full rent) instead of the pro-rated amount of $653.61 like the revised rent letter indicated.

So we paid July rent in full still foolishly hoping to not have to move for no reasons. Our payment was made on time like always, voided and mailed back to us. Once received, we issued another check for the exact amount of $653.61 and moving suddenly became real.

I logged in my resident account via Moss & Company secure café resident portal and noticed I still had an outstanding balance of $25 for late fees!

Moss & Company calls it the best customer service in the industry!

Over the last couple months, we have tried to reach out to Moss & Company, explaining our situation, apologizing and offering a rational resolution. To this day Moss & Company remains silent just like their agent/manager Nicole Panucci. Both have categorically refused any and all communications with us.

They do not care about their residents at all, they disdain/resent them so much they are incapable & unwilling to talk to their tenants to work out issues & problems.

HARASSMENT, unreasonable EVICTIONS, fraudulent charges, RENT INCREASES with no improvements, upgrades or even basic, by law required maintenances are what Moss & Co. thrives to provide their residents - the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the industry! #Itspersonal - you bet it is!

#unethical #immoral and should be #criminal that is the Moss & Company and their agents’ way…. @MossCompanyPropertyMgt

Update by user Jul 05, 2016

Moss & Co. is subjecting us (tenants) to so much unexpected and unjustified stress and hardship in the middle of a housing crisis with a shortage of affordable available homes/apartments for absolutely no reasons.


In 15 years we NEVER PAID OUR RENT LATE, in 15 years our checks NEVER bounced…

In 15 years Moss & Co. replaced the dishwasher, NEVER REPAINTED our apartment, and NEVER CHANGED THE CARPET…

but in 15 years Moss & Co. RAISED OUR RENT of more than $600 (that is 50% increase of our original rent of $1,200) each time taking pride in providing excellent services and a pleasant place to live (what a joke!).

Being harassed by Moss & Co. incompetent building manager Nicole P.

and then handed a 60 day notice of termination of tenancy for no reasons is what Moss & CO STRIVES to provide us. HARASSMENT AND EVICTION are what Moss & Co. calls excellent services and a pleasant place to live. #Itspersonal - you bet it is!

#unethical #immoral #criminal that is the Moss & Co.

way…. @MossCompanyPropertyMgt

Update by user Jul 03, 2016

I now have been looking for a new place to move to for couple of months and it's not looking too promising... especially if I want to stay in Hollywood, my neighborhood, my home for the past 15 years.

I must say the timing for this eviction could not be worst that it is now. Los Angeles is deep in a housing crisis with a shortage of affordable homes/apartments for rent. I read somewhere that the rents increased 40% in the last couple of years, count $2,500/month for a small 2 bedrooms, $1,500 to 2,000/month for a 1 bedroom or more, a lot more (nothing under $2,500/month for a studio) if you are looking at the new recently build luxury condos’ buildings.

Another reason for so few available places to rent at such an expensive price is Airbnb.

I pretty much figured out that every apartment buildings in Hollywood have at least one unit if not more than one, exclusively reserved to list on Airbnb only.

As my deadline is approaching (august 17th), my anxiety level is increasing to the panic level and the stress associated sometimes seems unbearable. My depression is creeping back as well, some days I wake up sobbing, by the time I have my coffee I am in tears.

I am stuck in limbo, going in a circle over my few less than perfect options.

I paid July rent in full but my check might get rejected like one notice I was given indicates. I am terrified to have nowhere to go comes the 17th I might be homeless.

Update by user Jun 24, 2016

Moss & Company took over the management of the building I already lived in. I had no choice and did not choose to rent from them.

Original review posted by user Jun 23, 2016

Moss motto 'Your home is our business' should be follow by 'It will cost you until you leave' because your home is clearly not yours but theirs & you are paying rent for their luxury to make you miserable before they simply kick you out. So don't get too comfortable, Moss does not want you to stay too long. If you do stay, your rent will go up each & every years (about 10%) while your living conditions deteriorate until you had had enough & leave. In my case well my last rent increase was of $200, I was not happy about it but still able to afford it so they just served me with a 60 day Notice of Termination of Tenancy no reasons necessary (the building is not rent control) I just have to go!

For the past 15 years, I have been living in an apartment building in Hollywood taken over by Moss & Company. We have an on-site but not available, useless, ignorant & rude manager Nicole P. that seems to always be the last one aware of any problems in the building & will blame you (since you are the one reporting the issue, you are most likely to blame) first for it rather to properly address it. Each & every repairs are addressed with no urgency & with the absolute cheapest solution possible, cheapest labor, cheapest materials/equipment’s & ultimately don't last. If you have the misfortune to report the same problem to her, she will threaten passing the cost of repairs onto you since it’s your fault.

Moss & manager have absolutely no respect or regards for long term tenants other than each year raising our rent as they downgrade our living conditions. In 15 years, I never was late paying my rent, NEVER. I always complied with the rules & kept to myself. Couple years ago I finally had the courage to request new carpet & new paint, both being way past due. Moss responded by conducting an inspection of my apartment to determine if I really needed new carpet & paint. The fact that it has been over 10 years neither were changed was apparently not good enough for them to make the decision was kind of insulting along with Moss telling me they do not own the building & need the owner permission for such an expense. In the end you probably guessed it, neither were approved. The manager few years back had her floors redone & walls repainted, how nice…

Another example of Moss making improvements: They changed the intercom system to access the building (was working fine but old) & refused to list an accurate directory of the building apartments making it now (for months) impossible for delivery personnel or the mailman to successfully enter the building to deliver packages/mail. This is the reply I received from the manager when I tried to have us listed as 'APT 404 call 44': 'The only options are last name or the way it is now. Unfortunately for security reasons no apartments numbers are to be listed.' (Security reasons? Like listing people’s names is more secure?)

Followed by: 'Delivery companies have access, they use last name to find tenant or they have tenant code already. All delivery companies have a relationship with management, & they have been instructed what to do, if they have any questions, due to the relationship with us, they can get access through management.' To this day, the mailman calls me to access the building & deliver the mail every day, not the manager, she won't answer the phone, can't be bother with those little annoying details & all those pesky little tenants & their needs. She will make sure you know your place & lies about pretty much everything.

Now I love living in my apartment & despite our manager & our rent going up regularly, I had no plan to move out, at least not yet since I have been fortunate enough to afford living here & very much feel part of my community/neighborhood. I had also no idea that living in a non-rent control building gives me absolutely no rights as a tenant, like the right to not be evicted for no reasons as long as I pay my rent & respect the rules.

Unfortunately our manager & Moss have decided otherwise & AFTER 15 YEARS FOR NO REASONS other than the manager lies, WE ARE BEING FORCED OUT with a sudden 60 day Notice of termination of tenancy. AGAIN WE HAVE DONE NOTHING that would require such a DRASTIC DECISION, to Moss business as usual. A rotten company employing a rotten manager that thrives on making your living conditions miserable with false accusations, lies & harassment.

As a financially responsible & reasonable tenant, you are clearly disposable to Moss, even paying your rent on time for the past 15 years does not get you any respect. They have no problem kicking you out for no reasons & could care less about disrupting with your livelihood.

Product or Service Mentioned: Moss And Company Hollywood Property Rental.

Reason of review: Forced to move for no reasons..

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Moss & Company allows us to stay in our apartment as long as we can afford to pay the rent and follow the rules like we have always done..

I liked: Apartment and my neighborhood.

I didn't like: Building manager, Moss business practices, Moss greediness.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jun 23, 2016.
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Los Angeles, California, United States #1332228

Hi Natalie,

I have heard so many nightmare cases about Moss and it seems I will become another victim.

The manager of my building even said whether I was right or wrong I wouldn't want to fight them because of their legal team.

I am looking to connect with as many Moss victims as possible, if you want to be part, email me at

I hope you are happy where you are now. I wish I had never moved into a Moss building but like you, it is too late for me to move right now.

North Hollywood, California, United States #1271309

You shouldn't have moved. A no cause eviction is easy to fight. Make Moss accountable for it's actions.

to AviBergman Los Angeles, California, United States #1271354

Unfortunately easy said than done. Moss and agent claimed after 15 years that they were afraid of me and labeled me a nuisance to the building and other tenants.

they have no problem lying in court as well as bribing other tenants by giving rent deductions if they side with Moss.

Also my building was not rent control, which gives Moss the right to evict anyone for no reasons at any time once you are on a month to month lease.

I wish i could have held them accountable especially since they kept my entire security deposit.

Sure I could have filed a small claim against them and might even win but would not have been able to collect any money awarded to me by a judge because Moss ignores small claim judgements against them, just like they ignore laws always to their advantage!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1269385

EVERYTHING MOSS DOES IS ILLEGAL! They know its difficult for them to get caught this is all.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1269410

I agree, even if you take Moss to small claims and win, they do not honor any judgements against them. They ruined my life for no reasons, kept my security deposit and accuse me of defamation.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1265831

Have you Checked to see if they've ruined your credit?

Moss manager Mikkel Heimburger ruined a tenants credit here when she moved out after living here for 11 years. Check it so you'll know. Please.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1269413

thank you for the tip. I did check my credit and Moss has not been able to negatively affect it so far but they kept my security deposit and accused me of slander! I have tried everything, filing complaints everywhere in vain...

Los Angeles, California, United States #1265823

File in small claims court. You'll win

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1241002

Please please call the L.A. department of Real Estate and get a complaint form! Please please write to California Attorney general.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1237844

File a complaint with the Department of Real Estate.

Write to the LA City Attorney.

You can file in small claims and if no one shows you win by default.

Keep up the good work/

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1228123

you can file a complaint with the department of real estate in los angeles.

you can also file with the attorney general Kamala Harris and the city attorneys office.

you can also file with the los angeles housing department as evicting a tenant for unjust cause can perhaps mean they can lose the certification for occupancy.

if you file with the dept of real estate make sure you enclose all documents with complaint forms.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1232441

I did along with the Better Business Bureau and other consumers websites. The city and housing department responded with not being able to help or do anything about it.

Consumers websites tried to reach out to Moss that decline to respond claiming harassment. I tried everything and got nowhere.

Still to this day, Moss refuses to communicate with me. I am still waiting for the refund of my security deposit.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1177478

Do not leave . Get an attorney.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1177503

Have not left yet, have to be out by August 17... I do have a lawyer but so far it has not helped... the termination of tenancy is still standing...

to NathalieL Los Angeles, California, United States #1185075

They cannot evict you for no reason. If the said attorney isn't helping move on to another and please teach bastards like Moss a lesson.

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